The carry on packing challenge - pack like a pro

Packing both light and smart can be a real challenge. Here follow some tips how to pack a stylish travel wardrobe, that fits in a carry-on bag.

  • 1.
  • Think out outfits

  • When going on holiday it is always tempting to pack clothes you normally do not wear. But sadly those clothes usually remain unused, just like home. Try not to overdo your packing, instead focus on a perfect base and choose a couple of key items. If you struggle to think out outfits, start with one item, like a pair of shoes or a pair of trousers, and build your outfit based around that item.

  • 2. 
  • Clothes that can be worn for many different occasions

  • Make sure that the items you pack work well together. Your tops shall match your bottoms. Your suit trousers shall be combinable with your t-shirt and your silk blouse shall match your jeans. The key is to find items that you easy can dress up or down.

    The ideal wardrobe consists of items that you can mix and match to different outfits.

  • 3. 
  • Colour coordinate

  • A good trick, to make sure that all clothes match each other, is to stick to one colour palette. Think about three colours that work well together. If you want to pack items with patterns, make sure they work with your chosen colour palette.

  • 4. Dare to pack less
  • Less is more. Leave every item that you are unsure about at home and do not bring too many shoes. Shoes are bulky and take up a lot of space.

  • 5. 
  • Slim down your toiletry bag

  • Leave your facemask and hairmask at home. You will be fine with your basic products for a couple of days. If you do not have time, or are up for arranging your products in travel miniatures, remember you can always buy what you need on your destination or use the toiletries that you will find at your hotel.

  • 6. 
  • Bring only your favourite accessories

  • Pack only the accessories that you like and are comfortable wearing. Make sure they are combinable with your other items. If you have chosen a natural colour palette for your clothes, you can allow your accessories to be a bit more colourful. It is often the details that make an outfit more interesting.